Decks on Ankiweb show the daily limit is finished when it shouldn't

On both my Anki Desktop app on Mac and Ankiweb, my daily limit for new cards is set to 1000. Once I start a deck, flip through a few cards (eg. just 5 or 6), go back to the Deck page, and then go back to that same deck, I will see this message:
Congratulations! You have finished this deck for now.
There are more new cards available, but the daily limit has been reached. You can increase the limit in the options, but please bear in mind that the more new cards you introduce, the higher your short-term review workload will become.

I have tried different daily limits, to no avail. I tried 20, 1000, 9999. The same problem occurs for every deck I am using. My decks are not in a complicated deck tree. The problem only occurs on Ankiweb, not on Anki Desktop.

I am using Anki Desktop 2.1.47 on macOS 10.13.6 (I cannot upgrade my macOS), and using v2 scheduler.

This problem only started occuring 1 week or so ago… There wasn’t a problem before that…

How can I solve this problem?

By any chance, are your decks subdecks of another deck?

If deck B is a subdeck of deck A, then deck B is going to be marked as “no more new cards today” as soon as any of the two daily limits, of deck A and deck B, is reached.

Hmmm i do not think this is the issue. Both deck A and deck B have the same limits… And I only had to try 3-5 cards in either deck A or deck B to cause the problem to arise, when my limit is set to 9999…

I pushed a change to AnkiWeb yesterday that has hopefully addressed this. If not, please let me know.

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