Can't raise new cards limit


I’ve been using Anki for many years, but now with the most complex (shared) deck I’ve ever used, I ran into an issue I can’t solve. The shared deck’s id is 1091622457.

It had 5000 notes/10000 cards in the only subdeck I’m using: 5000 English to Turkish and 5000 Turkish to English. I had been using this deck for about a month, learning Turkish to English only. Two days ago, I raised the daily new cards limit from 13 to 20. It worked as expected, but also caused some English to Turkish cards to pop up while studying. Repositioning didn’t help, so I deleted them.

Now the English to Turkish cards are gone, but so is the ability to learn more than 13 new cards a day. I’ve set a limit of 20 in both the sub- and the parent deck, but Anki only shows me 13 new cards.

Also, I couldn’t study new cards in advance yesterday as Anki kept telling me there aren’t any “New cards in deck over today card limit”. I haven’t studied yet today, but at the moment this is different and there’s a high number of cards displayed.

How can I learn more new cards again? This problem is about both the MacOS (2.1.49) and the iOS (2.0.83) apps.


If you expand the decks to reveal their children, you’ll find the child deck has a limit of 13 set.

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edit: Ah, thank you, I was not aware there is one more level. That was the problem!

Thanks, but that’s not the case: