Impossible to increase the daily number of new cards

I cannot increase the maximum number of cards daily.
Anki tells me " Congratulations! You have finished this deck for now.
If you wish to study outside of the regular schedule, you can use the ⁨custom study feature."

But I don’t want it to be custom. I simply want to increase the number of cards per day.
When I increase the number in “parameters/options” for the considered deck, I can increase the “Daily Limits”, for instance increase a lot the “New cards/day” parameter, and also the “Maximum review/day” to make it consistent… but then nothing changes! Impossible to launch a new study!

Thanks a lot for any help you could give me.

Are you able to show screenshots of these?

  1. Anki’s “decks” screen (to show any potential parent-child deck issues)
  2. the options for the deck with the issue

If you were able to upload the screenshots, what deck has the issue?

I’m giving examples of what I’m asking for each of those below.:

  1. Anki’s “decks” screen. You can see that my “master” deck doesn’t allow new cards, despite 2179 being available, because I don’t have new cards enabled for it:
  2. Options to show the cause:

If you 're in Deck Options, you’re in the right place. Deck Options - Anki Manual

Things to keep in mind –

  • Pay attention to which decks you’re changing the limits on. See the link above – parent/subdeck limits impact each other.
  • There have to be more New unsuspended cards available for changing that setting to make any difference.
  • Pay attention to the difference between the limit for the whole preset, for just this deck, and for today only.

You were right, I finally found out that the problem was probably due to the fact that not many new cards were available.
I loaded many new cards and it finally worked, using the options you showed me.
Thanks a lot


Same answer, I think that the problem was that I had no more new unsuspended cards. With many new cards, it worked.
Thanks a lot