Question about new card limiting on v3

I recently switched from the v2 Scheduler to the v3 one and am having some issues with it. I read the the documentation and it states that in v3 the parents new card limit isnt respected by the childrens decks? I used to just set a new card limit on the parent deck and study the children decks until i hit that limit and no new cards were shown to me. Now i have to manuelly set each children deck to a certain card limit and if that deck doesnt have enough new cards to learn, i have to subtract the number i learned today from my goal for the day and set the next child to that level. That seems like an unneccery hastle? Is there any way to keep the v3 scheduler but disable that specific “feature”?

For my knowledge - the answer is no.
V3 has just different logic when it comes to limits and deck-subdeck relationships.

If you wish to impose a global limit, you need to click on the parent deck instead of the child decks.

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