V3 scheduler doesn't let me increase the new card limit with custom study

I’m using anki-2.1.52-linux-qt6 on Fedora Linux with Xorg.

When I try to use custom study to increase my daily new card limit to allow me to learn more cards that day, the screen flickers for a second, then does nothing. No more new cards are put in the queue, and now matter how much I try to increase the limit, nothing happens.

This issue doesn’t happen with the V2 scheduler, and I also don’t recall it happening with the V3 scheduler on version 2.1.50 and earlier. I don’t have a review limit set (well it’s 999) so that shouldn’t be the issue. I also currently use 1 set of options for all decks, so there shouldn’t be interference there either. Ankidroid still lets me increase the new card limit with custom study and when I sync to desktop, it’ll still be there, but I can’t increase the limit on desktop unless I go back to the V2 scheduler.

going into deck settings and changing the new card limit there is reflected by Anki even with the V3 scheduler. It’s just custom study that won’t work at all.

Working properly here (2.1.52 QT6, Windows)

In the v3 scheduler, custom study only increases the limit of the deck you selected, not the limits of parent or child decks as previous schedulers did. My guess is you are increasing the limit of a parent deck, when the child decks have all reached their limits already.

The “new cards available” message is misleading here; I’ve added it to "New cards available" in custom study is misleading with child decks · Issue #1868 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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It looks like you’re right. Thanks!

I have a somewhat deep deck hierarchy in my collection though, so this change makes adding cards with custom study a bit cumbersome since I have to do it for each individual deck along the hierarchy for it to actually give me more cards in the top-level deck that I usually study from without the order of the new cards being altered. Either that, or just increase the new card limit in the deck options, then decrease it again, which is probably what I’ll do now since it’s easier. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Consider the case where a parent deck has a large limit, and you have multiple child decks that have reached their limit. If you asked Anki to add 10 more new cards and the limits of all child decks were increased, you could potentially end up with much more than 10. This wasn’t an issue in v2 as child limits were ignored.

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