2.1.54 Problem with Custom Study > Increase today's new cards limit

I’m not sure if this is normal behaviour or not:


After doing all my new cards / reviews in the A2 Deck, if I click on Custom Study > Increase today’s new cards limit, I’d expect 30 new cards to be showed in the A2 deck, since there are still 30 new cards in the subdecks.

Am I correct?

PS: I’m using default deck options in A2 and all its subdecks.

If you’ve increased the limit of A2 but A2::Todotest is also applying a limit, you may not notice changes. You’ll either need to increase the limit of the latter instead, or give it its own deck preset that doesn’t impose a limit.

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Thanks Damien. It didn’t used to be like that before 2.1.50 (v3 scheduler) which brought intermediate deck limits again, am I correct?

Previously the extension was added indiscriminately to all child decks, which could result in you being presented with many more cards that you’d requested if it was the child decks that were the limiting factor.

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