Pending cards on v3 Scheduler

Hello! I have a problem regarding my Subdecks! Using v3 scheduler (using v2 works fine, but I want to use v3)

I don’t know how to set up “Parent Deck > Parent Deck Level 2 > Child Deck”, since I set up the Parent Deck to 999, Parent Lv2 to the total number of cards desired, and then the Child Deck to the number of cards desired, right?

Why then the Child Decks still have pending cards? What should I do to remove all of those New pending cards (that actually are not pending)?

And, what will happen tomorrow, will I have 14 (7+7) Pending New Cards?

Thank you so much!

How the pending cards are displayed

Parent Setting

Parent Level 2 Settings

Child Deck Settings

You can read about it in the manual, Deck Options - Anki Manual.

But the short version is that in v3 each deck only looks at itself and its children, so unless you have reviewed new cards from the deck in question the amount of new cards won’t change. Tomorrow you will have 7 new cards pending. If it bothers you, you could just minimize the deck.


Ohhh okeeey! So, since the deck only looks at itself and their children, that’s why “7” appears in each subdeck.

But, taking this into account, the important thing now with v3 is start studying clicking on the Parent Deck, right? To receive the desired number of new cards + reviews.

Thank you so much!

Yeah, that’s exactly how it works. Glad I could help!

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