Hide all cards in subdeck with new scheduler

I recently updated to the new scheduler, and I’m a little confused by how it works.

I have all my cards grouped into subdecks; and I have one subdeck with the “Hide” option group set. This subdeck has new cards & reviews/day set to 0 – basically, I want to hide these cards until I work through all the new cards in the other subdecks.

This worked as expected with the old scheduler, but as soon as I updated I started getting cards from the hidden deck, even though in the Decks view it shows 0 / 0 for Due / New.

I do realize I could just temporarily move it out as a workaround, but this worked in previous versions of Anki

Strange, it works for me. If you just want this subdeck to appear last, have you considered moving it to the bottom of the deck list by preprending a “~”?

I don’t want it to appear last – I effectively want to suspend all the cards in it until there are no new cards in the other 2 decks.

I was about ready to just chalk it up to “that’s just not possible with how the new scheduling works with subdecks” but… if it’s working for you, I wonder what’s different about my setup / what I’m doing wrong?

  • parent deck: 25 new / 30 review
    • subdeck A: 10 new / 20 review
    • subdeck B: 0 new / 0 review
    • subdeck C: 16 new / 20 review

the last subdeck I’ve actually gone all the way through, so with the v1 scheduler I had 10 new cards from A per day, and 30 to review with a mix of A & C. And in the deck view it shows up as:

  • Parent: 30 due / 10 new
    • A: 20 due / 10 new
    • B: 0 / 0
    • C: 20 due / 0 new

but… yeah. When I review the parent deck, cards from B are showing up.

The v2 scheduler (currently) only uses the review limit of the selected deck, so you’ll need to move deck B out from under the parent deck if you don’t want its review cards to be included.

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