Anki New card limit not syncing within the deck?

I began to start having issues when I downloaded the new anki update for my account(I think V3 scheduler?). Now when I do my anki cards in one deck on desktop, the card limit does not sync between the parent deck and the children deck.

For example,
I have my cards set up like.
Fruits (60 new cards)

  • Apple
  • Banana

And once I do 60 cards for apple deck, it still allows me to do 60 new cards for banana deck even though the limit on the overall fruits deck is 60 cards. Is this just a bug on anki’s part? This has not been an issue until I have updated to V3 scheduler.

Thank you

V3 scheduler has a little different logic. Parent deck limit is not pushed on children deck. If you want to do only a certain number of cards of both decks study the parent deck.

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Thank you!
Is there anyway to switch back to V2 or is it over for me

An option to restore the limit behavior of the V2 scheduler should be added soon

sounds great thank u so much

You can try it out in the beta that was released today: Anki 23.12 Beta

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