[SOLVED] New cards limit not following the decks' settings


I have noted an issue with Anki Desktop version 23.10.1.
I am using Anki Desktop on ArchLinux.

Here is the issue : new cards from subdecks do not transfer in the new cards of the parent decks ; new cards of the parent decks do not follow the settings of the decks either


Here :

  • the “root” deck, hindi_voc, has 0 new cards, it should have 5
  • deck hindi_uni has 0 new cards, it should have 5
  • deck hindi_uni_201-205 has 0 new cards, it should have 5
  • the subdecks of hindi_uni_201-205 have between 0 and 5 new cards, which is expected

Here are the settings of root deck hindi_voc and all its subdecks.

I do not have this issue with AnkiDroid.

I have not used version 23.10. I updated directly from v. 2.1.66 to 23.10.1.
I had not encountered this problem with version 2.1.66.

Do you think there is something wrong with the decks’ settings? Or the collection’s/app’s settings ?

Thank you,


I think the quick fix would be to turn on “New cards ignore review limit” (the third line in Daily Limits)

But the root cause might be that you have a backlog of past-due cards. When you search for prop:due<0 in the Browse window, do you see any cards that were due yesterday or earlier?

To address a backlog, you could click on the Custom Study button and then select “Increase today’s review card limit”

But another longer-term idea would be to scroll down (in the same dialog box that shows Daily Limits and New Cards) to the bottom and select the FSRS scheduler, which is new in version 23.10. It’s designed to schedule more efficiently than the previous schedulers, so you’ll be less likely to get backlogs in the future.

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Thank you very much for your tips!

The quick fix worked, and you are right about the root cause, I have a log of past-due cards.

For the FSRS scheduler, Anki Desktop tells me that I should use AnkiDroid v2.17+. I don’t see it in the Play Store, so I will wait before turning on this feature.

Yes, AnkiDroid 2.17 is only in alpha test release so far.

If backlogs happen often, you could also consider increasing Maximum reviews/day.

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