New user- issue with card limit and making subdeck

so i downloaded anki king v12, and i want to make subdecks from the cards but im unable to do so. i made filtered decks, and then i changed the location of the cards into other decks (because i want to use them on a regular bases), but now im having issues with the card limit. i made 3 decks and only 1 of the decks show that i have 20 cards.
i tried increasing the limit by clicking the options button and putting the “999” for new cards and “9999” for reviews but nothing has changed.
i am unsure what to do… also, can anyone explain to me how to actually study from the tags instead of making decks? the answers online seem vague to me.


I’m not aware of any AnKing magic that stops you from using Change Deck – that’s all you need to move cards into a subdeck. Browsing - Anki Manual

Make sure you understand how daily limits (Deck Options - Anki Manual) work with the v3 scheduler (The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions). You need to pay attention the limits on the subdecks, the limits on any parent deck you click to study them, and anything in between.

Is it possible that’s all the cards that you’ve moved to that deck so far? Or possibly → Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions .

Sure! If you don’t want to move all of the cards with a tag into a standard deck, a Filtered/Custom deck is the way to do it (Filtered Decks - Anki Manual). You can use Custom Study, or build it yourself using any search that you can run in the Browse window (Searching - Anki Manual).

These are general answers to general questions, but once you’ve read-up and try some things, speak up if you have more specific questions!

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