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Anking SubDecks not Totaling in Parent Deck or Showing in Heat Map

Hi all,

Thank you in advance. I am not an anki pro and know very little tbh. I have two problems I think may be related.

In the below photos you can see the two problems: 1) Not all cards in the subdecks show up in the parent deck (Anking) 2) They also don’t show up in the heat map in my total cards due today.

I don’t really know where to begin. I’ve made sure that all the decks have an upper limit of 99999 and I’ve made sure it is updated and tried the check database button.

I’ve included multiple screen shots to help.


I think you only increased the “New cards/day”. Did you increase the “Maximum reviews/day”? (see screenshot)


WOW- the answer was so simple. I think that worked. I tried unlocking 50+ cards from different decks and they all showed. I’ll check back in tomorrow if any of the problems persist, but I doubt it.

So very appreciated! :smiley:

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