Is it possible to create an "infinite" study session?

I often have specific cards that I’d like to review in a loop.
What I currently do is filter them out of my larger deck into a filtered deck, and turn off “Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck”.

After reviewing each card once, the filtered deck becomes empty, and I have to rebuild it to continue.

Is there a way I can keep this deck “on repeat” such that reviewed cards aren’t removed from the filtered deck?

Works for me. Maybe you’re not using the newest version or the new scheduler?

Rumo, can you describe how exactly you got it to work?

Disable “Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck” and set “Repeat failed cards after …” to a value below your “Learn ahead limit”. If you skip the second setting, the cards should still reappear eventually, though.


Even if you’re not using the v3 scheduler, the cards should appear again if you press the Again button.

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I think I’m looking for a behaviour that doesn’t exist yet in Anki.

Instead of “Cards will be automatically returned to their original decks after you review them.”, I would like an option where the cards are added back to the review queue, respecting the “cards selected by” option.

So if this imaginary option would be turned on, and I have “cards selected by: Random”, then the first time the order would be card_a, card_c, card_b, … and the second time around the order would be perhaps card_b, card_a, card_c, … and the third time different again.

Is this possible with the latest version of Anki?

Sorry, they don’t work that way.

Those three-hour long study sessions might actually be doing you more harm than good. The brain tends to remember “firsts” and “lasts.” For example, let’s say a set of twenty different numbers was read off to you in a random order. If you were then asked to repeat those numbers, you would most likely remember the first few numbers and the last few numbers. Most people will have a difficult time remembering the numbers that fell in the middle. This also explains why long study sessions are ineffective. The material you study towards the middle of your session is forgotten much easier. The brain needs intervals and repetition to learn new material.

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