See a deck once through without reviews?

My daily review load is way too high but I actually want to study more. My idea is to continue my normal new cards/per day Anki work but supplement that with another study method that doesn’t balloon the daily review.

I’d like to create a deck where I see every card in order once through while deleting easy/problematic cards as I go. After that’s finished, I could reset the deck and repeat, this time hopefully with some new cards becoming easy. The cost of this is losing SRS, but the benefit is a 100% discretionary workload (so if I feel I could do 20 more minutes of study, I could do 20 more minutes without worrying about the 50 new cards due tomorrow and the snowballing effect that has).

Could anyone help me with the best way to implement this? My ugly idea is to create a deck with huge ease factors and graduating intervals etc. so it indirectly makes no reviews (as long as I work through the deck quickly enough) and then just totally resetting all cards after each pass. I also feel it might be possible with filtered decks but after reading the manual page I don’t have a strong grasp for this use-case.

Thank you for any thoughts!

You can simply open the deck in the card browser and use the Preview option to go through the deck.
Another option is to create a filtered deck with the rescheduling option disabled.


Maybe you could use a filtered deck with the following settings?

  • Search: deck:“name of your deck”
  • Limit: 99999
  • Cards selected by: Order due (you can change such order in the browser)
  • Reschedule cards based on my answers in this deck: no

This way, you could go through your deck and see every card at least once without it becoming a “review” card the next day. Once you’re done, if you want to study the deck again, just click on “rebuild”