Custom learning steps for lapses (non-scheduling filtered deck)

I am reviewing cards in a filtered deck with Rescheduling disabled. However, I’d liked to have the same steps for lapses as I have in normal decks (30s 10m). The Repeat-Failed-Cards-After option allows a minimum of 1 minute and I still find that to be too long. Any suggestions?

In my view, if rescheduling is disabled, there should be a way to have control over learning steps for lapses as a normal deck would allow.

The next update will switch from minutes to seconds.

That will help to some extent I guess. Currently, what am doing as a workaround is duplicate the given filtered deck (using this add on). The duplicated deck will now have all contained duplicate cards as new cards. Using Easy (or Good sometimes) to end cards and Again, Hard or Good where necessary, I go through them and delete the deck when am done.

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