Unable to create cards due to Field info


New to AnkiDroid. I’m trying to memorise pages of a book and I tried many methods without much success

I heard about spaced repetition and want to give it a try using this app. However it seems quite complex and I have already fallen at the first hurdle. All I want to do is memorise a page (using my own method) and use Anki to revise. I just need it to remind me what to review and when? Is this possible?

Onto to the problem. I can’t seem to create a card because I was messing with the fields and erased date on there. I tried to uninstalling the app and reinstall it but it didn’t work.

Any advice?



Thanks for trying AnkiDroid! I hope it helps you academically as much as it’s helped me.

To truly start again, delete the “AnkiDroid” folder from your phone storage (or change the collection location in Settings - Advanced - AnkiDroid Directory).

You can just enter “Book, Page X” into the “Front” of a card to start with.

As a note: your planned study technique will use spaced repetition (which is great!), but it avoids the other psychological principle that Anki invokes: active recall (also known as application of the testing effect). Once you’re used to Anki and have tried your method, I’d recommend reading the below

Using Anki per-page won’t lead to the most effective learning outcome because:

  • Rereading is significantly less effective than testing [0]
  • Anki shows a failed card again on a per-minute scale, this won’t be too effective if you have a large amount of information, rather than small atoms of knowledge that you can rate in ~5 seconds.
  • Anki expects a rating (Hard-Easy) of a review, it’s near impossible to accurately rate something when you’re rating a combination of atomic facts, as you’ll know some well, and some badly.

[0]: https://doi.org/10.1007/s10648-020-09578-2 Metacognition About Practice Testing: a Review of Learners’ Beliefs, Monitoring, and Control of Test-Enhanced Learning

Instead, breaking up a text into individual cards should produce even better learning outcomes than just using spaced repetition (as it leverages active recall). Once you’ve got used to using Anki, try formulating the important facts via the 20 rules of formulating knowledge: SuperMemo.com and you should find that your learning is even more effective.