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I am a new user of Anki. As a use Anki to learn for exams in school, I create large amounts of cards in all 11 subjects that I attend. I am a bit concerned whether it is worth repeating all the material from old exams and thus, improving my general knowledge significantly. I could imagine that I drown someday in the amount of reviews I have to do daily.

What is your opinion about this way of repeating almost all material from school again and again. Will I really end up drowning or will the intervals between the next repetition increase so fast that it is demanding but at least doable.

Thanks for your response in advance!

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HA! Youre thankfully very mistaken about how Anki works. I’ll quote the FAQ here:

In a conventional flashcard program, you see the same set of cards over and over again, and decide when you want to stop. Repeatedly reviewing material in this way - “cramming” - tends to be what we’re used to, and for many people it feels like the natural way to study.

There’s just one problem with this approach - it’s not terribly effective! Studies have shown that you can achieve better results by adding a delay between each review of an item, instead of reviewing it multiple times in a short period. This delay between reviews is called “spaced repetition”.

In Anki, instead of going over material until you decide to stop, Anki chooses which cards you need to see. If you press the Again button on a card because you’ve forgotten it, it will be shown again soon. Once you’ve remembered the card correctly for 10 minutes, Anki will not show the card again until the next day - and if you answer it correctly then, the delay will grow larger each time.

Anki was MADE to learn large amounts of cards with, do check out the FAQ page i quoted for more details

TLDR: Create as many cards as you like and dont worry about getting overwhelmed. Glad to have you with us!