Unusually learning intervals

Can anyone explain why a very small number of my cards are showing this unusual scheduling pattern? It means I have to do the cards every 4 days which is quite frustrating. Any solutions would be great. Thanks

Screenshot 2022-02-21 221406

I don’t understand what you don’t understand in this scheduling pattern. The idea behind spaced repetition is that, as you learn, you space more and more repetitions of single cards, so you can learn more and more cards (if you had to review your whole collection everyday, as it gets bigger and bigger, so become your reviewing sessions).
So it’s normal that the lapses between each review start getting quite big. But you must now be afraid of forgetting them, as if you did, you’d press “Again”, which would make Anki try to make you re-memorize it.

TL;DR, it’s normal, it’s how Anki works, and it works well.

Additionally, this may explain why the hard interval is longer than the good interval:


I understand this and I am a big believer in spaced repetition. However, these cards only ever give me these options as intervals. So for example if I was to press 4 days, it would come up again in 4 days but show the same intervals. So I would only be able to set it 4 days away again.

Maybe you have have set a maximum interval?

Ive tried restoring defaults and now im getting things like this going on

That is what the defaults give you. After answering Good, the next Good will be in a day.