Want to study a certain type of cards in my deck


I created a vocabulary deck (french-german) with 1479 cards. 99% of these cards are basic (and reversed cards).
However, I want to study only the cards french -> german (so half of the cards): how can I do? Is it possible to select only this type of card in settings?

Thanks in advance!!

You can suspend this type of cards or move them to another deck from the browser.

You can use something like deck:vocabDeck note:"Basic (and reversed card)" card:1 (where vocabDeck is the name of your deck) to search for these cards and suspend/move them.

See https://docs.ankiweb.net/#/searching

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if you usually do this (study two cards that are generated from one note separately) i suggest you read this

if you wanna try this, make sure you create a new note type specifically for french-german cards, so all of your basic and reversed cards won’t get moved to you french-german decks

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Thank you very much for your help!!
I created another deck (german->french) and I moved card:2 to this new deck. Thus, I only have the cards french->german left that I want to study. And now, I also know how to search a certain type of cards in my deck, thanks again :slight_smile:

I read the page, and it’s very interesting. Thank you! But for a beginner like me, it’s a bit complicated :sweat_smile:: I don’t really understand the purpose of the process…

it will automatically add French -> German Cards to a deck (deck 1 for example)
and will automatically add German -> French Cards to another deck (deck 2)

so you can study two sides of the note separately.

Oh that’s great! I will try it for sure ^^

Actually, you’ve split your original deck into 2 separate decks. 1 deck is german->french type and 1 deck is french->german type. So when you add a new word, you have to add it to both decks, right? Does that cause any trouble?