I want to review cards type 1 before cards type 2


I have a deck with basic (cards type 1) and reversed cards (cards type 2), they’re words in Spanish, English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

I would like to review cards type 1 (English to Spanish) before cards type 2 (Spanish to English). one of the reasons is that it makes more sense to me to review things in one order and then in the opposite order. the second reason is that some words in one language are similar to words in the other language and I don’t even know which way I’m going (is this word Spanish or English ? am I asked to translate in English or the other way around ?).

how do I do that ?

thank you !

PS : I don’t want to split my deck into two new decks


Why? Your easiest path to this is to put the card types in separate decks under the same parent deck, set an appropriate sort order, and click the parent deck to study. If you don’t want to do that – do you have a good reason?

You can also just label the sides of the card, so you know which way to translate.

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when I’m adding a new word, I don’t want to have to create two new notes separately in each new deck. but now that I’m thinking, I guess I can create one note (basic and reversed) in the parent deck, right ?
I was thinking the split would make the original deck disappear.
and I can sort out the reviews in the following fashion : first review all sub-deck 1, then review all sub-deck 2. am I right again ?

that would be nice, can I do that in a few clicks for the whole deck ?

There’s no relationship between notes and decks – only cards can be in decks. You will still only make just one note, that note will make 2 cards, and Anki can automatically put those 2 cards into separate subdecks with “Deck Override” (Card Templates - Anki Manual). You’ll move your existing cards into the 2 decks using Cards > Change Deck (Browsing - Anki Manual).

Of course – changes you make on the card template will affect every note made from that note type. Manage Note Types > Cards … – then for each card type (drop-down at the top), update the front template.

You can add something subtle in front of your field replacement, like a gray, superscript language code
<sup><span style="color: rgb(128, 128, 128);">[ES]</span></sup> {{Spanish}}

[ES] {{Spanish}}

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beautiful again and thanks again !

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