Beginner questions

I’m using Anki on Windows desktop and synching with Anki mobile on ipad.

I have just set up a deck with the Basic card and have 75 cards , then realised I need to have the reverse card as well.
Q: is there a quick way to take my 75 card deck with Basic card and make 75 Reverse card for these?
Q: then if I add a new entry # 76 it will come up as 2 cards automatically?

I will want to set up multiple decks on different topics.
Q: when would I want to set up different Options Group for each topic and when should these remain the same?

I will be making decks for two different languages
Q: should I use the Basic (and reversed) card type with each OR should I create say a Basic (and reversed) one for language A and a separate Basic (and reverse) one for language B?

Thank you

I created the Reverso addon (a plugin to retrieve your history from Reverso free translation service) that adds also a menu entry that allows you to add reverse card on selected notes from the browser. It’s able to operate on basic notes with reverse or on “Reverso” note type that I made to use for the info I get from Reverso (context, src lang, target lang, source document, comment…).

You can easily change the type of note (see the contextual menu on the browser), then you can select the notes you want to reverse and operate on then from the contextual menu.

As a side note, I consider that basic with reverse is not rich enough for languages. You probably want to save the context and maybe some other info. In my Reverso addon, I created cards with hist (text that only appears on click) so that I try to remember the work and the examples and I only look if I don’t remember.

New cards will automatically show the reverse if you set the reverse field to non-empty.

As far as the choice between one deck of 2 different decks, I’d say it all depends on how you study, i think it’s more a question of personal taste…


You can select the cards in the Browse screen, then use Notes>Change Note Type to switch them to the Basic (and reversed) type. It will add the missing cards, and create two cards for future entries.

When you want to use different options for some decks - for example showing less new cards per day for a certain deck.

Anki identifies a card as a duplicate when the first field is the same as another note with the same note type. So if you anticipate using the same text in both languages, separate note types may be better.


Thank you that worked

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