Card type (Basic (and [optional] reversed) is always creating Reverse Cards

My default card type was always Basic (and [optional] reversed) so that I can only create reversed card by inputting anything in the “Add Reverse” section. Well, recently I start seeing that Anki is creating two cards (front>back and reverse card (back>front)) even they don’t have anything in Add Reverse section. So basically its behaving just like the Basic (and reversed card). How can I change the setting and prevent it from happening? I deleted all of the [card 2] for now and change the Note Type for the new card int Basic, so that I create the unnecessary revised card, but I want to use the optional reversed card type.

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If you go to Tools>Manage Note Types in the computer version and click on Add, you can add another “optional reverse card” note type, which should work correctly - the one currently in your collection appears to have been modified.