From basic to basic and reversed

hi everyone,

is there a straightforward way to change reviews of a deck from basic (review cards front to back) to basic and reversed (review cards front to back AND back to front) ?

I know I can always export the list and re-import it in reverse but maybe there’s another easier way to do it.

thank you !

Much, much easier ways!

If you are using a default “Basic” note type, this can be as simple as changing the note type to “Basic (and reversed card)” – Browsing - Anki Manual. If you have a custom note type, there can be a few more steps to get your note type to make those reverse cards for you, but still pretty straightforward. Take a look at the Templates section (see the “Switching Card Order” video there too).

It’s hard to tell you a specific step-by-step without knowing more about where you are starting from, but after you take a look at those materials, feel free to ask clarifying questions!

thank you for your answer !
this deck is all default basic (it was the first deck I ever made on Anki and I didn’t know anything about the many options available). I checked the option page (of this specific deck) and I don’t see anywhere where I can change the whole deck from basic to basic and reverse. do you know where I can do that ?

You can’t do that in options. I think you need to go to the card/note browser. But you can also edit that note type to add another card.

I actually suggest you use the “Basic (Optional reversed card)” which makes reversed cards optional. For notes that you need a reversed card, you can put any text in the “Reversed card” field and that will get you a reversed card. If you don’t need a reversed card, you can edit out the text from that field. So the same note type can be used for both purposes.

Also refer to the manual for more information. You will be able to come with solutions for yourself that way.

You have to do it note-by-note, so you’ll need to go to the Browse window for that.

The feature is described in the link I posted above – but for more detail:
(Make sure all of your devices are in sync first.) Select the deck (in the left sidebar), then Select all of the cards/notes in the table, and go to Notes > Change Note Type – choose Basic (and reversed card). It will automatically make a new reversed card to go with each of your notes.

True, that is another note type you could choose, but I don’t think that’s right one for your case, because you’d have to do an extra step on every note to get it to create the new card. That type is better suited for a situation where you only want a few select notes to make reverse cards, not when you want them for everything. (If you find afterward that there are a few reverse cards you don’t need, it’s easy enough to suspend them when you come across them.)

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it worked, thank you very much for your help !

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