Need to Reverse All Cards

I realized that my anki deck would be better if they are all reversed. Doing them the basic way does not seem to be that helpful. How do I reverse all the cards in the deck? Also if do reverse all the cards, can I add new cards in the basic format or should I change the format?

I cannot add a link to my post, but there is a youtube video titled “Anki 2: Switching Card Order” which describes this. Also, in the manual, under “Card Generation” there is a topic called “Reverse Cards”

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If you’re asking what I think you’re asking (“I want to take all my cards and change what is on the front and what is on the back”), I think the easiest way would be to edit the “Card” itself. I’m not an advanced user, but I see two avenues that would be relatively painless:

  1. Create a new card type. Benefits: you won’t change what the “Basic” card format looks like. Drawbacks: more steps (also, I’m assuming when you say you want to reverse all cards, you mean ALL basic cards).
    step 1: Add > Type > Manage > Add
    step 2: Clone: Basic (call this whatever you want)
    step 3: Browse > search: " note:basic "
    step 4: select all cards
    step 5: right click > Notes > Change Note Type
    step 6: select your basic clone from the drop down > Save
    step 7: select any of your cards in the Browse window
    step 8: now do option #2 (below)

  2. Just edit the Card/Note type
    step 1: Browse > select any card
    step 2: “Cards…”
    step 3: Cut/Paste the text from “Front Template” into “Back Template”
    step 4: Cut/Paste the (original!) text from “Back Template” into “Front Tempalte”
    step 5: Save


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