Unable to accomplish deck or card reversal

I started with Anki several years ago and now using Anki 2.1.49. I have 1,910 cards in 22 decks. Unfortunately when I started I didn’t pay attention to card types so now that I want to have some decks “teach me” by reversing the cards I cannot seem to get it done. I’ve watched that 2013 you tube vid sevearl times and gone blind reading other postings in other forums all starting out with “all you have to do is …” but I can’t get any of the steps. I think because I didn’t chose a reversible card at first, that may be why. So, I guess I need help converting all my cards to a reversible card type, like "Basic (and reverse card), but I’ve failed to do that, too. Obviously I don’t understand what I am doing but I love this tool and have a lot of time invested in that many cards entered to date. Can someone help me at least get started? This is my 3rd attempt at this in two years and I am now determined to master it. Thanks for all who give their time to help others. Very best, Lorenzo (Larry Peterson, Canada).

All you have to do is:

Browser > Click a card > Cards > Options > Add card type > Yes

Then edit your new card type as you wish


Thanks for your reply. I can do what you described, but it’s not what I wanted. I realized now that I am trying to have a deck where I can study it in either direction, so that’s what I meant when I said I was unable to make a reversal of my deck. I tried to “flip” my notes, but they just seem to be the same even though I changed the note type to “basic (and reverse card)”, so I am still lost. Can you untangle this any further for me?
Larry b

I’m not sure if I’ve understood correctly, sorry, but if what you want is to have two cards from every note:
Card 1 Front: A
Card 1 Back: B
Card 2 Front: B
Card 2 Back: A

You need to create card 2 as described above, and then change the fields accordingly

Did you change the fields in card 2?

Thank you for the further explanation. It seems I need to do a lot of self-education about the card types, etc. because this question/answer session with you already is way beyond my vocabulary in general it seems. So, I may get back to you after a lot more study.
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Hello, Larry!

The best way to achieve a solid understanding of Anki’s card templates is to read the official manual (if you haven’t already). The following link will get you to the relevant chapter: Card Templates - Anki Manual

You can click through the chapters with the left and right arrow keys or search for other chapters in the sidebar.

Happy studying!

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Thank you, Matthias, much appreciated.