Trouble with reversing cards

I made a small deck of foreign language cards and it’s basic(optional reverse deck). I am new to this but I have some basic knowledge. I am having trouble making a reverse deck.

Important note: I can copy the selected cards to another deck I created but when I try to reverse them it also reverses the originals I copied over. This is very frustrating.

Thank you

Browser > Select all the cards on your original deck > Change notetype > Basic (and reverse).

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I did that and a “Fields” and “Template” options is below it.

This is where is gets confusing. It just seems to create a duplicate of the cards. When I reverse card 1 it reverses card 2. I’m stuck

Thank you for replying

Yes, this would create duplicated cards with swapped fields. For example, if your original cards are like this:

Card 1:
Front: English
Back: Spanish

Your reversed cards will be like this:
Card 2:
Front: Spanish
Back: English

You can move all reversed cards to a new deck if you want:
Browser (Card moide) > Select all “Cards 2” cards > Change deck > Change to “Spanish to English”

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