How to make a reversed deck? / Como fazer um deck invertido?

Hi i’m new to anki and i’m struggling to find out how to reverse a deck.

Currently my deck show english phrases first and i want it to show portuguese first.

Already looked up many links in google but i can’t find anything that can help me.

Hope someone can explain to me how i can do it.

So do you want to reverse the cards’ side?

yes, that’s what i want to do

click on the deck you want to study, click study now, you should see one of your flashcards; on the bottom left corner there’s a button that says Edit, press it. you should now see the pop up where you can edit your card. on the top left corner, there’s a button that says cards. click it. now there should be another pop up on the bottom of it, there’s a button that says Flip, press it. all your deck should be flipped now! if you want to revere it, just do the same steps again. hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The official Anki Youtube channel (as far as i can tell) has a tutorial on this topic so you can follow along visually. Anki 2: Switching Card Order - YouTube

The differences in UI haven’t changed much. The card types menu is now a drop-down (in the same place) and you now toggle between seeing the front and back.

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I would also like to have a reversed order deck. I looked at the video on how to reverse card order. I would like to be able to study 2 separate decks (of the same ‘content’) one deck 1st language->2nd language, and a second entirely separate deck, 2nd language → 1st language. I exported a deck and wanted to ‘reimport it’ to then change the card order, but Anki says “no cards imported because the already exist” (or something like that). How can I successfully import a deck so I can create a reversed order deck?


Está no pc ou no celular ??