Duplicating Cards but Also Having Different Settings

Hi. I am using Anki desktop and trying to make a new deck. Currently I have a language deck that has the audio file on the front and then a picture on the back. I want that deck to stay that way. I am wanting to take some (but not all) cards from that deck and make a new deck where the cards are flipped, picture on the front and audio on the back. What is the best way to do this?

I tried to flag cards in the original deck, add them to the new deck, and then flip the cards, but this also flips the cards in the original deck, which I do not want to do.

You can either change them to “Basic (and optional reversed)” notetype with Change Notetype, or export the cards to a text file, then import them back in as duplicates.

Hey. Thanks for the response. Could you expand on the steps a little bit more for me? For instance, I have my original deck (let’s say deck 1). I also have a new and empty deck where I want the cards reversed, deck 2. In deck 1, I have cards flagged red to indicate those are the cards I want to get into deck 2, reverse them, but keep them functioning the same in deck 1. So what steps would I take here? Would I use “change deck” or “notes–>create a copy” to get them from deck 1 to deck 2 and then select all of the cards in deck 2 and use “change note type”? Or is it some other way?

If you’re happy for any subsequent edits (typo corrections, etc) to affect both of the cards at once, I recommend the first approach. You can select the cards in the browse screen, use Notes>Change Notetype, and make them Basic (and reversed). The reversed cards will be generated, and you can locate them with card:2, then move them into your deck of choice.

Thanks for your help. I want the cards in deck 2 to be counted as new instead of having been done before (since I’m reversing them; so I want them to not be “due” and have an easy answer as a year, for instance; but I also don’t want to reset my progress on those exact same cards in deck 1). Since that is the case, do I need to use the “create a copy” function? If so, is there some way to do that which is quicker than doing it card by card?

The method I described will affect all cards of that notetype at once, and the newly-created ones will have no scheduling associated with them.

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