Copying Basic & Reverse Cards to Subdeck as Only Reverse Card

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I wonder if there is an easy way to copy all the cards from my main deck (which are reversal cards) to a sub deck that shows all the copied cards back to front.

I am studying Japanese kanji with Anki. And by doing this I intend to memorize the reading & meaning of the kanji with the main deck, while practicing the writing way with the subdeck.

I do think that in the future I can reverse the cards when making them so that I do not need to flip them after copying them. But it would be nice if there is a way I can save my old cards.

Also, I can’t manage to simply copy the cards to a subdeck. The furthest I reach is replacing them. So if somebody knows just how to copy a deck to a subdeck, without even explaining how to flip the cards that would also be great.

Thank you all in advance,

I don’t think it’s possible to just copy the same cards to another deck, at least it’s not simple.

I would suggest creating a new card type (in Browser select one of your cards, Cards… button and create a new type on the top right). Set the card however you like it in the HTML section, so it’s flipped the way you want it to and save. This will create new cards with the new setup for all your notes.

Then in the Browser search for all the new cards (type deck:DECKNAME card:2), select them, right click one and select Change deck. You can then move them to a new deck and put that new deck as subdeck.

Thank you for your fast reply Suiyuan!

I just figured out how to do it via add-ons, I will explain it below for if anybody else will have this issue in the future.

Step 1: Download and install"Deck Duplication" add-on (there are also others but not working all the time, maybe it takes some lookign around to find a working one)

Step 2: Go to ‘Browse’ menu

Step 3: Select deck you want to duplicate > right mouse click > Duplicate Deck

Step 4: In the copied deck, select all notes you want to flip > Right mouse click > Notes > Change Note Type

Step 5: On the top bar select Basic Cards

Step 6: Under fields (on the left side of the pop up) change current front to back and current back to front.

Step 7: Click save and you are good to go

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