I am having a terribly hard time of creating duplicates

The issue is when I get to step three below there are no new cards created. I think I have the correct not type because I see the note type listed when I browse the deck.

Would it be possible to give someone my deck so they could do it for me. I am having trouble describing the issue and maybe if someone else saw it that would help.

I also have another issue where when I click the flip button it gives me the error Anki couldn’t find the line between the question and answer. Please adjust the template manually to switch the question and answer". So I copy and paste the HTML.

At that point it says “unknown field FrontSide” on the right top box.

I am following the following advice:

  1. go to “Tools -> Manage note types”
  2. from the window that opens select the note type that you want to create reverse card for then click on “Cards…”
  3. on top right corner there’s a button called “Options” click on it and from the opened menu click on “Add Card Type…”. (This will create another card type called “Card 2”)
  4. there’s a dropdown menu (in front of “Card Type”) click on it and select “Card 2” from the opened menu.
  5. now you can press “Flip” from bottom of that window to make newly created cards reversed and not just duplicates of previous cards
  • if your note type has more than 2 fields, you won’t be able to simply use the flip and you’ll have to manually configure front and back template for “Card 2”
  • this will preserve all previous cards and will just create reverse cards and will add them to the deck that previous cards are in.
  • reverse cards will be created for all of the cards that use this note type regardless of the deck they’re in
  • reverse cards will be added to the deck that original note is in.

{{FrontSide}} is not valid on the front side of the card. You should move it to the back side, and only include references to the {{Fields}} you want shown on the front side of the card.

After fixing that it still is not working. I cannot make a reverse deck.

i’ll assume you have a note type that has 3 fields, Front, Back, and Extra.
you want Extra to be on back of the card on both Card 1 (Original card) and Card 2 (Reverse Card).

Card 1

Front Template


Back Template

<hr id=answer>
{{Back}} <br>
Card 2

Front Template


Back Template

<hr id=answer>
{{Front}} <br>
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