I created a reverse deck from a deck I already have. All the hard timers are 1.5 months and the east timers are over a year. I have never used this deck before.

Is this reverse deck using the progress from the original deck? When I check under deck options->review everything is the same as the original deck .

Did you created a new card type and fliped sides or just the latter? In this case you just modified your existing deck instead of creating new cards.

If that is not the case, you will need to provide more details about your issue.

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I probably did the later. I guess I will have to find out how to create a new card type without cloning my cards.

Do you have a guide on how to create a new card type and flip? I am reading the manual but it is not working for me, I do not see the same options to make reverse cards.

What Anki version are you using? I’ll take a look if the manual section became outdated.

Version 2.1.14 (7b93e985)
Qt 5.12.1 PyQt 5.11.3

I have Windows 10.

At this point I just want to make reverse cards and keep them in the same deck. I do not even care about creating a separate reverse card deck. I figured out how to make the note types the same. Not sure what to do now.

i think creating new card type is the same in every anki version.

  1. go to “Tools -> Manage note types”
  2. from the window that opens select the note type that you want to create reverse card for then click on “Cards…”
  3. on top right corner there’s a button called “Options” click on it and from the opened menu click on “Add Card Type…”. (This will create another card type called “Card 2”)
  4. there’s a dropdown menu (in front of “Card Type”) click on it and select “Card 2” from the opened menu.
  5. now you can press “Flip” from bottom of that window to make newly created cards reversed and not just duplicates of previous cards
  • if your note type has more than 2 fields, you won’t be able to simply use the flip and you’ll have to manually configure front and back template for “Card 2”
  • this will preserve all previous cards and will just create reverse cards and will add them to the deck that previous cards are in.
  • reverse cards will be created for all of the cards that use this note type regardless of the deck they’re in
  • reverse cards will be added to the deck that original note is in.

With control+F I cannot get the section for flipping cards. I do recall that was written at some point in the past.

Screenshot_2020-07-09 Getting Started - Anki Manual


This solved my problem. The only issue now is that my new flipped cards have the progress of the old cards and my old cards progress is set to new.

Thank you I see that. It was less descriptive than the post above.

I think this is the issue. As when I flip many fields are blank. When you say manually configure does that mean switching the HTML code?

I guess you flipped the old cards instead of flipping the newly created cards.

here’s what you need to do:

  1. go to “Tools -> Manage note types”
  2. from the window that opens select the note type that you want to create reverse card for then click on “Cards…”
  3. from the dropdown menu in front of “Card Type” select “Card 1” and then click on flip
  4. from the dropdown menu in front of “Card Type” select “Card 2” and then click on flip
  • as long as you have <hr id=answer> in you back template, anki will be able to automatically flip your cards. (i had edited <hr id=answer> in my note type and i wasn’t able to flip the card so i assumed having more than one field caused that)

I add new cards daily to my desk (which already contains 5000 cards).

  1. Will it also automatically reverse these new cards?
  2. if it does this, I want to move the reverse in another deck, is there a way to move them to the new deck automatically?
  1. Yes, if you’re using a “reversed” note type (note types with two or more one card types)
  2. Not that I know of, but you can easily filter all of them in the browser (search for “card:your_template_number”) > Right Button > Change Deck
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Thanks for your help! The problem is that I don’t use the basic, but a custom note type “My_custom_reverse” (because when I “send” highlighted text of foreign language from my browser to anki, it (unfortunately) put it in the “front”. So “My_custom_reverse” reverse the field. Do you have an idea how I should do it?