Flipping cards on latest Android version

Hello, I know this question have been asked many times but I read all topics about flipping cards and I cannot do it.

So, I just downloaded the app yesterday but I really searched in every options and didn’t find anything I like to do it.

I tried to make the two sides cards when I create them, but both cards will be in he same deck and I don’t want this.
I tried to copy my card and reverse but didn’t find how.
I tried to reverse it , but in many topic I’ve seen “dae” talking about a “action” button that I don’t have (see my screenshot)
And I see that I can manually do it but I need a solution that work for the entire deck .

If I had to create an other deck , no problem but as I will add words day after day I need a solution that fit with daily addings

Please help me , it’s a wonderful app but if I can’t reverse it’s almost useless for me , for me it’s all the interest of card learning .

Thanks a lot

Your question is a bit unclear. You’re trying to create two cards (for forward and reverse), but you want each of the cards to be created in a different deck?

This is the forum for the iPhone app, by the way. You could post in AnkiDroid (Android) - Anki Forums or the official AnkiDroid support site.

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You can have your note type create cards in both directions and put them in separate decks. (Everything below is probably easier to do in AnkiDesktop than AnkiDroid.)

It sounds like you figured out how to do it (copy/clone your template, switch front and back) – and that will cause Anki to make that additional “reversed” card for every note you have that uses this note type. [Or, if you’re using a “Basic” type, switching these notes to a “Basic (and reversed)” type will do the same thing.]

Step 2 is called Deck Override. The manual explains it for Desktop – Card Templates - Anki Manual . (Again, this is for all notes that use this type, so if you use this type for other things, speak up.) In Droid, you get there by Manage note types > Edit cards, select which template you want to create cards in a different deck, then the 3-dots menu.

Now you’re all set for notes you add in the future.

For notes you already added, which have now created a reversed card too – you use to “Change Deck” to move those cards where you want them – Browsing - Anki Manual. You have to find them and select them first (again, easier in Desktop) – a search like card:2 will probably do it (if that’s their template number? Searching - Anki Manual).

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Thanks a lot , the deck override was exactly what I needed !

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