I can't flip the cards on the iPhone app

In the iPhone ankimobile app, I need to be able to flip cards directly in the app, without having to use a computer to create duplicate reversed cards. The previous anki app allowed cards to be flipped directly in the app. If they can’t be flipped in the new ankimobile app, the app is basically useless. (I need to review cards in one direction, and then flip them and review them in the other direction. I don’t want cards in both directions all mixed together, and I’m not usually in a location where I can go back to a computer to flip them.) Thank you.

why would you do that tho?
you can use deck override option so anki would place front -> back cards in a deck and back -> front cards into a separate deck.
this way cards won’t get mixed in one deck and you don’t have to manually flip cards.
and also front -> back cards and back -> front cards will get separate scheduling.

lemme know if you want to try this out :smiley:

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Thanks for your help. I can’t seem to find any “deck override” command. Is that something found on ankiweb.net or on the iPhone app? Thanks gain.

on the desktop version the easiest way to access that is to press edit on a card and then go to cards… then in top right corner you’ll see Options press that and it opens a menu. you can see deck override option. click that and it’ll open a text box in which you have to enter the name for the deck you want anki to put the cards in. (doesn’t matter if the deck doesn’t exist, anki will create the deck if it doesn’t exist)
when you did that, in the same window, change the card type (using the drop down menu in front of card type) and do the same steps for that too. except enter a different deck name.

it’ll also move all the exiting cards to the decks you specified there, so you don’t have to create all your previous cards again.

I’ll create two videos and will send the links here (the steps sound a bit complicated, but it really is simple).
don’t have a device that runs iOS so you’ll have to find the options based on the android and desktop versions or do them on your pc :grimacing:

pc video -> Gofile

just remembered you’re using basic, so you don’t have 2 card types in your note type
here’s what you should do -> Gofile

an here’s the android -> Gofile
iOS must be something like this

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