Reverse front and back when studying

I would like sometimes to change the order of front and back.
ie :
Instead of showing the front of the card and then, in a second time, showing answer (back of the card), I would like to show the answer (back of the card) and then, in a second time, the front of the card (the question).
This, only one time. I mean that I do not want to change anything permanently.
I just would like to study the deck in a reverse mode, one time. Next time, I will do it again in the usual (not reverse) mode.
How do I do this, please ?
Best regards

Anki doesn’t have a simple way to do this, since it tracks your performance of cards, and changing the direction will change how easy the card is. You can either create a separate card for the reverse direction, or temporarily flip the card template:

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Perfect !

Thank you very much !


It works very well from my PC.

Is it possible to do the same from my Iphone ?

(I cannot find the menu…)


I’m afraid AnkiMobile doesn’t currently have a Flip button. You could make a reverse card on the computer and put them in a different deck; that way you could avoid studying them except when you want to.


Good idea.


Hi I’m working on Anki version ⁨2.1.54 and it does not seem like that functionality is still possible? Has anyone got this to work on newer versions of Anki?

If you’re referring to the flip button, it’s accessible in the same place it always was - via the Cards… button in the editing screen.