Reverse front and back when studying

I would like sometimes to change the order of front and back.
ie :
Instead of showing the front of the card and then, in a second time, showing answer (back of the card), I would like to show the answer (back of the card) and then, in a second time, the front of the card (the question).
This, only one time. I mean that I do not want to change anything permanently.
I just would like to study the deck in a reverse mode, one time. Next time, I will do it again in the usual (not reverse) mode.
How do I do this, please ?
Best regards

Anki doesn’t have a simple way to do this, since it tracks your performance of cards, and changing the direction will change how easy the card is. You can either create a separate card for the reverse direction, or temporarily flip the card template:

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Perfect !

Thank you very much !


It works very well from my PC.

Is it possible to do the same from my Iphone ?

(I cannot find the menu…)


I’m afraid AnkiMobile doesn’t currently have a Flip button. You could make a reverse card on the computer and put them in a different deck; that way you could avoid studying them except when you want to.


Good idea.