Flip card via mobile Anki app

I know currently “flip card” is only available on desktop version of Anki but I’d really wish I could flip cards on mobile app version of Anki.

Please consider it for next version.

Just to make sure, you are using Ankidroid (Android) or Anki Mobile (IOS)?
AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem

Anki don’t have a “flip card" animation if is that what u are referring, but both versions mentioned above can show you the card just like the desktop version (front card and back card)

Thank you for the reply.
What I meant by “flip card” is to switch review sequence from front to back to back to front.
I know I can make the switch on desktop but not via iPhone.
But really wishing the capability on iPhone version.

You can accomplish this on AnkiMobile. If you select the cards in the browse screen, you can tap on Actions and then Change Notetype. If you’d like to study in both directions, you can change the cards to the Basic (and reversed) type. If you’d only like to study in the opposite direction, you can change the front field to the back and vice versa.