Swap front to back for testing yourself


I’m a newbie. Having started to compile some of my own cards in a new deck, how can I flip to be able to see either the front first or second?



For that you can either use the Basic (and reversed card) or Basic (optional reversed card) note types.

See this for a more detailed explanation: Note Types (Anki Manual)

To change your existing notes, if you did not make substantial changes to the default card template, and assuming you are using the Basic note type, I would suggest doing the following:

  1. Open the Browser
  2. Select all the notes you want to change
  3. Click on Notes → Change Note Type
  4. Either select the Basic (and reversed card) or Basic (optional reversed card) note type, depending on your preference
  5. Check that all the fields are mapped correctly (Front ↔ Front, Back ↔ Back) and then click on Save

EDIT: I just noticed that you posted your question in the AnkiMobile category. I wrote these instructions with Anki Desktop in mind.
Everything is also valid for AnkiMobile, but the user interface for changing your existing notes may be a little different from what I described. I never used the mobile app so I cannot confirm.

Thanks for your time and advice

(This can be done in AnkiMobile by selecting one or more cards from the Browse screen, then tapping on Actions->Change Note Type)

Thanks for the advice. I can’t find ‘Actions’ anywhere though



It will appear at the top after selecting some cards, via the tick icon.

At last … got it! Thanks again for your help.

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