Front and back are reversed

I created a new deck and found a curious mistake. On some cards (not on every card!), front and back are reversed.

This is how it looks in the editor:
Front: a question xyz
Back: an answer xyz

And this when I’m learning:
Front: an answer xyz
Back: a question xyz

It doesn’t matter on which version I work:
Windows 11: 2.1.49
Ubuntu 22.04: 2.1.52
Android 11: the newest (can’t find the version)

Does anyone have an idea what the problem is?

Maybe these cards’ note type is ‘Basic (and reversed card)’?

If not, please post a screenshot of their templates
(to access it: open the editor → Cards … button)


Front of the card:

Back of the card:

Should be the front, but is the back:
When I click “show answer”:

The note type you are using is Basic (and reversed card)
It creates two cards per note, one in the direction Front → Back and another in the direction Back → Front
If you click on the dropdown menu next to ‘Kartentyp’, you will find that there is a second card associated with this note type (‘2: Card 2: Back - > Front’)

See: Anki manual - Note types

If you want to change your notes to simple Basic notes (without the reversed cards) you can do this:

  • go to the browser
  • type this in the search bar: "note:Basic (and reversed card)"
  • select all the notes you want to change the type of
  • click on the Notes button in the top bar and then Change note type
  • select ‘Basic’
  • Check that all fields are mapped correctly (Front - Front, Back - Back, Card 1 - Card 1)
  • Anki will tell you it will remove Card 2
  • click on Save

It is a good idea to do a backup before doing this operation, just in case


That was the solution, thank you very much.

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