Basic cards keeps reversing them

I have my cards set to basic. However, they keep reversing to show the back side. I only need to be quizzed on the front side with the definition on the back. Please help me fix this! It is very irritating, and I am wasting time and reviews on reversed cards that I do not need. Please help me! Thank you. Btw, I am using a Mac if that helps.

Could you please post screenshots of your note template? (Card Templates - Anki Manual)

How do I access the note template?

Please see the link above.

Sure that the note type is just Basic?

The note type can’t be seen on the screenshot.

Probably there is an additional card type where you are prompted with the back. Just have a look what can be seen under „Card type“ (drop-down menu)

If you don’t want to see the prompt on the back of the card anymore: Remove everything from the back template except


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