Swap back and front fields

I managed to mess up some of my basic cards. They should be the other way around.
How could I swap those fields? I tried exporting them, but they looked ugly.
That file didn’t look like the source file that I used. (Unfortunately, I don’t have that anymore) There were ““double quotes”” all around the place.
I hoped I could select those notes in the browser and swap them easily but I didn’t find such a feature

Open the card templates screen by clicking the Cards button in the editor. You will find a Flip button there.


Thank you abdo for your reply.
However, I don’t think that would solve my problem here.
This seems to change the templates only.
I’d like to alter some of my cards, not all of them in the deck.
Let’s say 50 out of 100.

In that case you can:
A) Manually swap fields (by cutting and pasting)


  • Create a temp copy of your notetype
  • Select the cards you want to swap in the browser > Change noteytype > to your notetype copy
  • Do what Abdo says
  • Change notetype again and delete your notetype copy if you want.

Thank you for your answer.
I couldn’t exactly follow what you described here but it eventually led me to the easiest solution, which is:

  • Highlight the notes you would like to swap
  • Right Click, “Change Note Type”
  • Don’t actually change the Note Type there only remap the fields
> Change front to back
> Change back to front

If you edit your notetype, all cards using that notetype will be affected, not only the ones you have selected in the browser.

I think @CrayonLearn only wants to edit a selection of his notes, so that solution is actually pretty smooth :slight_smile:


Yes, you’re right, I answered without actually testing the solution, but it actually works!

That was kind of unexpected to me, because when you click on “Save” to save modifications in the “Change notetype”, window, I would naturally expect the program to modify the notetype, not the cards.

Anyway, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile: