Swap the front and back of cards and then copy in a new deck

Is it possible to swap the front and back of cards and then copy these new cards into a new deck? I can’t find a better way than either copying each card individually or retyping each card upside down, is there a better way?
I want to learn the vocabulary of a language in both directions, but not in the same deck.

You could do the following:

  1. Open the Editor → select the Basic (and reversed card) note-type → Cards → select Card Type 2 → Options → Deck Override → type the name of a deck of your choice
    From now on, all the reverse cards will automatically be added to this deck.
  2. Open the Browser, choose your old notes and change their note-type to Basic (and reversed card)

You could also just change the note-type, then do a Browser search using these search terms "note:Basic (and reversed card)" "card:Card 2" and manually move all the reversed cards to a deck of your choice, but in this case you will need to repeat the manual deck move for any future cards.


Thanks for the help

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