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I was wondering if it’s possible to create a reversed card that you can also type in the answer?

You can easily edit the template to make it look however you want. Just go to the template section (Cards... button), select the type of card you want to edit from the top (if you have several). In the Front section choose where to put the typing box and write {{type:FIELD}}, replacing FIELD with the name of the field you want to type.

More info here: Field Replacements - Anki Manual


So if I create a reversed card, one the front I put the definition, and on the back I want to be able to type in the term when I review the cards, how do I do it?

I’m not sure what you mean by replacing FIELD with the name of the field I want to type.

You probably want to type in the front and get a comparison between your answer and the correct answer in the back.

For that you need to add the {{type:FIELD}} on both front and back. FIELD here just stands for the name of the field you want to type (maybe it’s called Translation, or English or whatever you have set it up to be). I recommend watching the video at the beginning of the link I posted before, might be easier to understand.

If you can’t manage to set it up, please, post here your front and back templates and explain what exactly you want to type, so we can give you more specific instructions.

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I watched the video and I now understand. I never changed the fields, so I replaced FIELD with Back, and it now works! Thanks so much for your help :pray:

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