Changing front an backward with adding a line between the answer and the question

Hi hello!

I would love to change the direction ‘front an back’ of the cards. But when I try to do so, it says that I need a line between the answer and the question.
How can I add a line between the answer and the question?


Have you edited the card template to reverse direction? I’m not aware of that error message, would you mind posting a screenshot?

I recommend using “Change Notetype” instead of editing the template directly. Keep the same notetype (i.e. “Basic”) and remap the fields, then save.

This is the error message I receive.

Did you received the error message? Thankyou for helping me.

Thanks for reminding me, I have overlooked your reply!

In order for Anki to flip the template automatically, it needs to know where the backside begins. The separator is this line mentioned in the error message, which is a Horizontal Rule tag (<hr>) with the id “answer”.

Insert it into your back template, between question and answer, like this:


<hr id=answer>


Then Anki should be able to flip the template for you.

If you don’t want the line to be shown, you can add this styling to your template:

hr#answer {
  visibility: hidden; /* or display: none; */