Note type: basic and reverse

Please add a possibility to change notes type from Basic to Basic and reverse. I just figured out that it’s possible to create cards with revert memorizing also and I want to convert a lot of cards from Basic to Basic and Reverse

You can already do that. Select the notes in the browser and hit Ctrl+Shift+M, then change the notetype to “Basic (and reversed card)”.

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Is it doable under MacOS? On Mac in Chrome it’s changing profile. In Safari - nothing happens.

Oh, sorry - I didn’t see the category “AnkiMobile”. I don’t know how you would do that in the app. The comment above was assuming you’re using Anki Desktop.

This is possible in AnkiMobile, but it sounds like you’re talking about AnkiWeb. AnkiWeb only offers basic functionality; you’ll need to use one of the other clients to perform most tasks. To change the notetype in AnkiMobile, go to the Browse screen, select some cards, then use Actions->Change Notetype.

No, I’m talking about iPhone app and if you are memorizing/repeating cards press Edit, there’s no such a functionality. But you are right, it’s possible to do that from browsering function. But for me it’s essential to edit card just right away from repeating if there’s an Edit button.

I’m afraid this can only be done from the Browse screen at the moment. I’ve made a note in the todo list to look into making this faster in the future.


You might try using the client on your computer or workstation.

That would allow you to export your cards, add any additional columns required in e.g. LibreOffice Calc and then import those cards into a new deck choosing Basic and Reverse as the Note Type. If you like what you see, then you can delete your old deck.

So is it possible to reverse the cards on a iPad or iPhone? My friend who has an Android was able to switch the front and the back of the card. Weirdly I can‘t find this function on the iPad or iPhone… I would be really relieved if I could change the front and the back as well and if you maybe could explain me where in the app I can do it. If it’s possible for Android products it should be for Apple products as well, shouldn‘t it?
Thanks in advance.

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