Reverse front with back

Hi I have a deck with more than 1000 cards… I wanted to clone it to another deck and reverse the front with back… is it possible and how? Thank you!

Remember that Anki has these three concepts:

  • Notes
  • Models
  • Cards

A note contains the actual data; a model explains how to build a card from the note.

Your old deck likely has 1000 notes, 1 model, and 1000 cards built from these 1000 notes with this model.

Don’t copy the notes; just make a new model, using Anki Desktop, to build 1000 new cards with reversed front and back; and put these cards in the new deck.

You might be interested in this section of the manual:
Reverse cards

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hi ArsenLapin could you please be more specific? I am struggling to search the functionality but I can’t!


Did you read the doc about this?

The doc also references a youtube video about this:

No I can’t! :frowning:
My menu is different from the video, for example there is no the add button

I tryed to go on Option → add card type


and appears the following message


thus I click NO …do I have to answer yes?

Hi, I think I’ve found an alternative solution (workaround)… here my steps:

  • export the decks on desktop
  • add new user
  • import the decks to that new user
  • flip all the deks

It works and it seems to do exactly what I was aimed. The only difference is that I have to switch user …but it is no a big effort!

I spoke too soon… it works but only on laptop :frowning: ankidroid doesn’t support multiple profiles…

If your goal is to view the cards from back->front without making changes to them, you should say yes to that dialog to create the reversed cards. If you want to copy them because you plan to edit them (eg change one language to another), then you can export to a text file and import it back in.

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