Reverse Cards (Custom Deck)

Hello. I’m using the windows desktop app for this. I have a custom deck with 175 cards. Other similar decks are based on a custom note type. I’d like to add reverse cards to the deck, but when I go to add a card type, Anki tells me that I’m going to add 786 cards. I’m not sure, but I think that it’s trying to add the new card type to all the similar note types. Rather, I want to add reversed cards to this deck, which would put the number of cards at 350. Hopefully, there is an easy way…

Help would be appreciated.

You can avoid this by selecting the cards from one deck, then using the Change Notetype action to assign them to a new notetype. Tools>Manage Notetypes can first be used to clone the existing notetype.

Thank you Dae. Worked like a charm!

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