Having 2 separate decks for vocabulary learning

I would like to have 2 separate decks, one for each direction of mother tongue into second language, as well as the other direction, second language to mother tongue.

Yes, I know it is possible to “flip” cards in a deck, but this does not tabulate stats separately for each direction, which is what I would like to be able to do.
I found this topic and tried what was described and just ended up with an empty deck (anki told me that all of the cards already existed):
Topic: → “[Duplicating A Deck and then flipping the back and the front of all the cards in the duplicated deck only]”

There has to be some way of creating a completely independent deck for each direction!

Many thanks for your help.

I think the instructions here are correct:

However, maybe you need to rename the deck and the note type (Tools > Manage Note Types), so that when reimporting to your main profile these are considered different notes.

I think that might work.

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If you only need separate stats for each direction, you can try this:

  1. Create a parental deck
  2. Create a subdeck (native language)
  3. Create second subdeck (foreign language)
  4. Have a notetype “Basic (and reversed card)” for all of your notes. It means one note have two cards, native to foreign and foreign to native.
  5. Place all “card 1” cards (native to foreign) to the first subdeck
  6. Place all “card 2” cards (foreign to native) to the second subdeck

Then, you can study the parental deck so burying siblings will work and you can have a mix of both card types. But you can see stats for each subdeck.


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