Duplicating A Deck and then flipping the back and the front of all the cards in the duplicated deck only

Hello, I have been going through the forums trying to find a solution to this but nothing seems to work. I am learning french as an English speaker and use anki for vocabulary. First of all I have one big deck for all my vocabulary which has english at the front and you have to type in the french. I would like to duplicate this deck so that I have two of the same exact copies and then on the duplicated deck flip all the cards so that the french words are on the front and the english words are on the back of the card. Could you please help me?

At first, you can change the note type to Basic (and reversed card) so you will have both cards front-back and back-front (English-French and French-English).

If you really need to duplicate the deck try this:

  1. Export your deck
  2. Make a second user in Anki
  3. Import the deck
  4. Rename the deck
  5. Change the card template so French is on front an English is on back
  6. Export it, switch the user and import the new deck.
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