Changing card type


So I just finished making a deck and went onto study it and about 20 cards in I noticed the remaining cards were all reversed. I went into browse cards and seen that the remaining 58 caards were all now “card type 2” and the initial (correct 20) were “card type 1”. Odd since I never messed around with any settings.

I tried changing the note type back to basic but when I do I get this message:

I did it anyways and all it seems to do is delete the reversed cards and now they wont show up in the deck when I try to study it.

I have the full deck exported so I have deleted the spliced deck and imported the full one again. Back to square 1.

Any and all help would be really, really appreciated.


So you want the reverse cards? If so, I don’t understand what is the problem.
Please post the contents of your card templates.

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And please explain in more detail what you are trying to accomplish.

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