Chain training and reverse translation

  1. What settings need to be specified in order to repeat words not in random order, but in the one in which they were entered

  2. How to train not only word-translation, but also translation-word

  1. If I understand you right you want to study words you have previously done (due cards and not new ones) but you would like them to be in the original order (or based on creation date since that can be different). This can be done with a filtered deck, however, I wouldn’t recommend it. Anki intentionally adds a “fuzz factor” into the date so that the order of the cards doesn’t become a hint to what they are.

  2. Card types are templates for how the information made in the notes gets put into its cards. I don’t use the IOS app (which you posted this under) but the cards edit page likely within the note edit page. You add a new card type (so that two cards are made from each note) and swap word and translation fields. Remember that all cards that use the note type are affected.

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Thank you for your responses. I understood the first point, but the second, unfortunately, not

When you’re creating a new note in the iOS app, you should see an option to change the note type:

In this example, the current note type is “Basic.” If you tap on that text you can change the type to “Basic (and reversed card),” which will generate two cards for each note you enter: one going from the Front text to the Back text (just like you get with the Basic type), and a new one going from the Back text to the Front text.

(If your current note type is something other than Basic, you might need to clarify what you’re asking.)

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Thank you.Here is an example of my card. y
You can see the English word and its translation into Russian. This way I can train English-Russian, but I don’t understand how to train these cards in the Russian-English way.