Note types for Japanese

So I’m learning Japanese and would like to learn Kanji (1), the reading for them (2) as well as the meanings of them in English (3). I tried to make a new note type which was a clone of the ‘Basic (and reversed card)’ note type but when I preview my cards, I only get to see 1 and 2.

For example, let’s say I make a card and it says ‘to explain’ on the front, I want it to say both ’せつめいする’ and ‘説明する’ on the back. Then I want to use that same card so that on the front it says, ‘説明する’ then ‘to explain’ and ‘せつめいする’ on the back.

Is there any way of ordering my cards such that the front version shows 1 only and the back shows 2 and 3, then reversing that so that it shows 3 but I have to guess what 1 and 2 are? I’m sorry if this doesn’t make much sense, I don’t understand a lot of Anki jargon.

It makes perfect sense – and you can make those changes on the front and back card templates for each card that your note type makes. You’ll do all of this in Manage Note Types > Cards ...

To get the 3rd field to show up, you just need to add a Field Replacement wherever you want it – like {{English}}Field Replacements - Anki Manual. And you can rearrange (and format) the other fields as you like.

Since you’re already using a custom version of a “Basic (and reversed card)” type, it has 2 card types ready for you to edit.


There are a few videos in the manual that demonstrate how to make these sorts of changes. They show the old app layout, but all of the functionality is the same. Card Templates - Anki Manual

Instead of creating a custom notetype, you may want to use the ones included with this add-on, as it will also take care of reading generation for you.

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